Friday, March 16, 2007


Matthew said...

The story about the Meth PSAs I thought was pointed. New PSAs with different a different target and strategy I think is newsworthy. They certainly deserve more coverage than the overboard cruise ship passenger.

Mike said...

CNN is slowly turning from a reputable news organization into a sensational tabloid that focuses on celebrity gossip and shocking video moments. I started checking CNN religiously after 9/11 but recently I started trying to cut back on information overload and the content-lite CNN was the first thing to go.

Pete said...

This is why I don't watch american news.

Jake said...

The misuse of the red alert graphic at the top of the page is annoying as well, as this oldie but goodie from last summer demonstrates.

Theodore Koppel said...

Excellent. This has been long coming. But CNN now has so much garbage, this could be done daily.

matth said...

Scabby Lip Promo was actually my nickname in high school.

Spamily Dickinson said...

Wow, somebody else does this too!

Here's the worst one I've seen so far, from March 5th. I think there is one actual piece of news in there. Maybe two if we're going to be really generous on the public health angle with the ibuprofen story. Plus it has just the right mix of the prurient, the lurid, pop science, celebrity hi-jinx, random disconnected tragedy, and sappy human interest. It's almost beautiful, in a terrifying way.

* Plane crashes into house
* Army hospital scandal ignites outcry
* Grenade mangles hand, but pitcher goes pro
* Bus crash killed 'very happy' son, dad says
* Teen prays as tornado flattens store over her
* Large ice slabs fall off Toronto buildings
* Cops: Boys, 2 and 5, taught to smoke pot
* Rats chew nose off baby sleeping in crib
* Professors, students are neighbors in some dorms
* Study: Ibuprofen best for treating kids' pain
* Dinosaur had yard-long horns over eyebrows
* Kanye West pays $3,900 for meal delivery

merv said...

I think they are written solely so that you don't know what the articles are really about. Some of them are even disappointing, since they make it seem "out there" but its really some thing they've already covered.

I think what happens at CNN is they look at the click traffic and if a story (particularly video stories) aren't keeping the traffic at a certain rate, they "bizarro" the title to increase the click traffic based on a muddled or curious title sometimes even making you believe its NEW coverage, when actually its something repackaged from earlier in the day.

They've been known to remove certain links that aren't interesting and replace them with new footage. These are for stories that are aren't getting the click traffic at some threshold level.

This is completely driven by the Advertising Revenue they get from the video feeds. Each one displays 1 of X random video advertisements, sometimes all of the ads.

It's a business - and in the case of the "Free web videos" each one is paid for by a paired "video advertisement". The free new bits on CNN is definitely manipulated by trend, honed for profit and provided to you free of charge. If you want something that's closer to raw footage, try their Live platform. I didn't -- I won't give them one red cent for what I can view for free on other feeds, or read for free on the AP wire.

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