Monday, April 30, 2007


fidgets said...


Anonymous said...

dude, there's one now about a "yankees fan turned terrorist turned informant." the sole reference to his yankee fandom is that he's a "slight yankees fan from queens".

everybody hates yankees fans. as much as terrorists.

Anonymous said...

ahem. it's "yankee fan who trained terrorist turned informant."

Anonymous said...

"oprah on rags to riches and fun of being rich"

Jeremy said...

I'm curious if it was Panda porn or if it was human porn.

If it was human porn and the pandas got aroused, does that make them sexual deviants?

Jeremy said...

If it was panda porn, by the way, does that make me a sexual deviant if I really, really want to see it?

K.T. said...

I doubt that pandas mating are much different than other animals mating, such as dogs or polar bears.

ruby said...

Jeremy, I think it means they/you are into bestiality.

tsotsexy said...

if the porn doesn't work, maybe they could try pancakes?

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